Good day! My name is Lauren Ramskir and this is my digital portfolio, in the form of a blog so I can easily update it with current work. (Also I am addicted to wordpress, see my other blog created for a CAD project to show thought and design processes.)

I am a Design Management and Innovation student at De Montfort University in Leicester, and I have worked on a range of projects from graphic design to transport design to packaging design and everything inbetween, with a bit of business, marketing, ethics and determination thrown in for good measure. I am a very versatile and capable student, and I can turn my hand to almost anything.

For my full CV please go here.

How to use this site

On the right are several ‘category’ links, click on any of these to bring up the pages you would like to see. Some pages have more than one tag.

Or you can go straight to the main blog and browse to your hearts content. Feel free to leave comments if you like what you see, or even if you don’t I’d still love to hear it. Thanks and enjoy your stay!

Yours sincerely, Lauren Ramskir.


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